Caring for your Vintage Clothing

Shopping for vintage clothing items has become something of a game. More and more people are choosing to avoid fast fashion and instead are honing down their wardrobes to have an eclectic mix of clothing from the past and present. Understanding how to take care of your vintage items is extremely important and will help you to not only preserve them for the future but also enjoy them more now.

When you find a piece that you are interested in, ask the store associate questions about the piece before committing to purchasing it. Asking a simple question like, “Is it machine washable?” will give you a good idea of the level of care that should be put into the item. Some materials should not be put in the washing machine. It could be that you need to hand-wash the item, spot treat, or potentially take it to a dry cleaner. If it can be washed, make sure to use a gentle detergent. Older fabrics weren’t made to withstand the harsh chemicals that many standard detergents currently have. After you are done washing the item, hang it to dry inside out on a wooden hanger in a cool or shaded place.

Sunlight is not a vintage item's best friend and can cause problems within the fabrics fibers. When it comes to storing your item, folding it and putting them in a closet that doesn’t get sunlight is ideal. If you want to take it a step further, gently wrapping the item in acid free paper is another way to keep your new find safe. Of course, some items cannot be folded and that’s okay! Use a wooden hanger to keep the shape and strength of your shirt or jacket. If it’s a shoe, seal them in a bag with several silica packets to absorb any moisture. A dark space is key to preserving the vibrancy of the color.

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